Rock is dead they say.  Not so for Sofajunkie.  Like a pissed off Lazarus they have come to revive and revitalize the rock scene with their insightful lyrics and infectious melodies.  From the first note of supercharged energy they deliver driving rhythms and catchy hooks that pound like a jackhammer into your brain.  If these guys wrote jingles for commercials, their songs would be the ones you couldn't get out of your head.  But they don't write jingles.  They leave that to the Prozac-laden Muzak lovers who have nothing better to do than write elevator music.  Instead Sofajunkie focuses on the resuscitation of the spirit of Rock itself.

Their mission is to return Rock to its former glory days when people weren't afraid to damage their hearing in their quest for that elusive "music high".  In a world filled with too many boy bands and teenage diva wannabes, Sofajunkie emerges with a sound that bitch slaps them all into a state of submission.  There are no bubble gum tunes here to be chewed quickly and spit out when the flavor is gone.  No, their songs are more like an everlasting gobstopper that just gets sweeter as time goes on.  In fact, Sofajunkie infuses all the sweetness of pop into their angst-ridden sonic playground to take hard rock to a new level.  They are loud, but not crass.  Powerful, but not overbearing.  Emotional, but not wimpy. Sofajunkie straps you in and launches you to the stratosphere.

Sofajunkie was founded in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Dave Ruedger during the crest of over produced, teen pop boy bands that have thankfully outlasted their novelty to allow the resurgence of rock back onto the mainstream music scene.  Through serendipity and the demise of his previous band Loose Id, Dave was able to solicit the assistance of long-time friend Fred Lee on guitar to start the ball rolling in the formation of a new group.  Since the two had played together before during their college days at Berkeley, it was a natural fit for the sound that would become Sofajunkie. Within weeks they were already starting to make their mark on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene with the help of friends holding down the rhythm section.

In 2003 Sofajunkie experienced some personnel changes that resulted in the departure of their drummer and bassist.  Although it looked bleak for the band, all was not lost.  Armed with years of recording know how he had picked up while performing live engineering duties for his previous bands, Dave took the opportunity to focus on recording and spent the next two years tracking, mixing and mastering Sofajunkie's debut CD release, Schism.  With the rhythm section gone, Dave took over the drum and bass duties and spent some time tracking at San Francisco's legendary Different Fur studio where hits by Santana, Primus and Faith No More were recorded.  Dave also produced local bands Nevercall and 50 Millisecond during this time and built up a reputation as a top rate producer and engineer for independent artists.

But in late 2004 the urge to play live was becoming undeniable.  With a fresh new perspective from the recording process Dave and Fred began looking for personnel to round out the group.  Because the songs were so powerful and dynamic, it was important to find a bass player that could balance raw energy with an innate sense of melody.  Having heard the powerful bass lines and thunderous low end of local group Monkeybred, Dave knew that bassist Tony Urbina would be a perfect fit for Sofajunkie's driving rhythms when they disbanded.  With Tony on board and Dave taking over permanent drum duties for the group, Sofajunkie was once again ready to bring their fresh new sound to the world of rock.